Service Experience Councils

Council Name Title Department Role Sort descending Term Expiration
Operations Jeff Chasen Associate Vice Provost, Employee Growth, Development, Accessibility and Inclusion HRM Chair 2024
SSC Jody Milford SSC Director Carruth Shared Service Center Chair
TECHNOLOGY (IT) Rob Caffey Deputy CIO for Applications IT Chair
DATA (AIRE) Susan Klusmeier VP of Academic Success Academic Success Co-chair 2026
DATA (AIRE) Nick Stevens Chief Data Officer AIRE Co-chair
Finance Nolan Haire AP/Help Desk Manager Financial Services Co-chair 2025
Research Alicia Reed Asst. Vice Chancellor Office of Research Co-chair ongoing
Research Kathleen Lane Distinguished Professor/ Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Office of Research Co-chair ongoing
Finance Craig Alexander Sr. Director of Financial Services Financial Services Co-chair 2025
SSC Mark Reynolds Director-Major Division/School CLAS Member 2024
TECHNOLOGY (IT) Cindy Sanders Assistant Vice Provost, Enrollment Management Enrollment Management Member 2023
SSC Jamie Keeler Business Coordinator Biodiversity Institute Member 2024
SSC Michelle Albertson Office Manager Operations Member 2023
SSC Bob Dunn Chair/Professor Chemistry Member 2023
SSC Lisa Friis Chair/Professor Mechanical Engineering Member 2023
Operations Justin Blumensteil Associate Professor Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Member 2023
Operations Christine Chan Self Graduate Fellow Graduate Student in Geology Member 2023
Operations Erin Sommer UKANS Auditor Carruth SSC - Campus Administration & Operations Member 2024
Operations Kandace Fleming Associate Research Scientist, Investigator, Core Manager Lifespan Institute Member 2023
Operations Cade Cruickshank Director of Broadcast Operations School of Journalism and Mass Communications Member 2024
Operations Mike Doll IT Classroom Technology Manager Information Technology Member 2023
Operations Steven Johnson Assistant Dean DEIB Member 2024
Operations Callie Long Associate Vice Provost for Operations Operations Member
TECHNOLOGY (IT) Jennifer Talbott Deputy Director, Spencer Museum of Art Spencer Museum of Art Member 2023
TECHNOLOGY (IT) Melissa Smith Business Director, Operations Business Office Operations & HRM Member 2023
Finance Lori Gutsch Assistant Director Financial Services Member 2025
Finance Karen Schaller Asst. Director KUCR KU Center for Research Member 2025
Finance Karen Bailey Assistant Director Financial Services Financial Services Member 2025
Finance Melissa Bissey Accounting Manager Financial Services Member 2025
Finance April Black None Union Member 2025
Finance Regina Casto None Appointment Manager Member 2025
Finance Eric Williams Senior Contract Officer IT Member 2025
Finance Ephrom Marks Assoc. Director Procurement Financial Services Member 2025
Finance Aimee Hunt SSC Manager Carruth SSC Member 2025
Finance Wendy Reese Accounting Manager Financial Services Member 2025
Finance Judy Hamner Assistant Director FMS Functional Management Systems Member 2025
SSC Ron Ragan Dean/Professor School of Pharmacy Member 2023
Finance Mike Lewis Asst. Director of Procurement Financial Services Member 2025
SSC Karla Williams SSC Director Strong Hall Shared Service Center Member
SSC Caitlin Day Wedel SSC Director - Interim O’Leary Shared Service Center Member
SSC Michelle Ginavan Hayes SSC Director Eaton Hall Shared Service Center Member
SSC Andrew Shoemaker Executive Director University Academic Support Centers Member 2023
SSC Dina Evans Business Coordinator Education Administration Member 2024
SSC Daniel Wilmot Business Manager School of Business Member 2024
SSC Jackie Counts Director CPPR/AAI Member 2024
DATA (AIRE) Heidi Garcia Director Student Affairs Member 2023
Research Amy Mendenhall Associate Prof & Assoc Dean for Research; Director, Center for Community Engagement School of Social Welfare Member 2023
Research Susan MacNally Director of Research Integrity KU Office of Research Member ongoing
Research Gina Cregg Executive Director Dept of Special Education/ Office of Research Member ongoing
Research Simon Atkinson Vice Chancellor for Research Office of Research Member ongoing
DATA (AIRE) Prasanna Tadimeti Data Architect AIRE Member 2026
DATA (AIRE) Jeanette Smith Assistant Director AIRE Member 2026
DATA (AIRE) Corinne Bannon Assistant Director AIRE Member 2026
DATA (AIRE) Gwen Bohling Assistant Director AIRE Member 2026
DATA (AIRE) Ben Wolfe Associate Dean Edwards Campus Member 2024
DATA (AIRE) Joe Monaco Associate Vice Chancellor Public Affairs Member 2023
Research Brian Atkinson Asst. Prof/Asst. Curator BI Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Member 2023
DATA (AIRE) Jennifer Roberts VP Grad Studies & Acad Affairs Graduate Studies Member 2023
DATA (AIRE) Kelli Thomas Associate Dean School of Education Member 2023
DATA (AIRE) Ben Eggleston Associate Dean College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Member 2024
DATA (AIRE) Lisa Kress Director Admissions Enrollment Management Member 2024
DATA (AIRE) Rob Caffey Deputy CIO for Applications Information Technology Member 2023
DATA (AIRE) Pam Burkhead Functional Systems Manager Ops & HRM Member 2023
DATA (AIRE) Alicia Reed Assistant Vice Chancellor Office of Research Member 2024
DATA (AIRE) Mary Ann Richey Director of Budget Management & Fiscal Services Finance Member 2024
TECHNOLOGY (IT) Bill Kummerow Assistant Director of Web Development IT Member
Research Peter Smith Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Research; Co-Director, Kansas Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center KUMC Member 2023
TECHNOLOGY (IT) Michelle Ginavan Hayes SSC Director SSC Member 2023
TECHNOLOGY (IT) Colette Gillespie Director of Financial Management Services FMS Member 2023
TECHNOLOGY (IT) Samantha Ghali Graduate Student Student Member 2023
TECHNOLOGY (IT) Brad Rankin Education Technology IT Member 2023
TECHNOLOGY (IT) Anne Madden Johnson Assistant Director Application Support IT Member 2023
TECHNOLOGY (IT) Gregg Holcomb Associate Director Academic & Administrative Services IT Member 2023
TECHNOLOGY (IT) Nick Galindo TSC Administration Manager IT Member 2023
Research Shahin Negahban Assoc. Professor Dept of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Member 2023
Research Rick Dobrowsky Professor Dept of Pharmacology & Toxicology Member 2023
TECHNOLOGY (IT) Sean Hill Administrative Associate, Faculty Development Administrative Associate, Faculty Development Member 2023
Research Perry Alexander Distinguished Professor/Director Dept of EECS; Information and Telecommunication Technology Center (ITTC) Member 2023
Research Paige Fields Professor/Dean School of Business Member 2023
Research Lisa Wolf-Wendel Professor/Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies School of Education Member 2023
Research Kristin Rennels Office Manager Dept Physics and Astronomy Member 2023
Research Kathy Porsch Research Development Officer KU Hall Center for the Humanities Member 2023
Research Judy Wu Distinguished Professor Dept of Physics & Astronomy Member 2023
Research Donna Ginther Distinguished Professor/Director Dept of Economics/Institute for Policy & Social Research Member 2023
Research Candan Tamerler Assoc Dean of Research/Prof Dept of Mechanical Engineering Member 2023
Research Brian Boyd Director/Assoc Prof./Assoc. Scientist Juniper Gardens Children's Project/Dept Applied Behavioral Science/Life Span Institute Member 2023