Fiscal Stability

Faculty and staff,

We have made great strides in improving the fiscal health of KU. Our 5-year Financial plan for KU Lawrence-Edwards has great potential to ensure we remain a leading research institution that helps each student succeed and serves the region and the world. KU is making measurable progress in our Jayhawks Rising objective to Increase Workplace Satisfaction, with most KU faculty and staff receiving 5% pay increases in FY 2023. It is a priority of our five-year financial plan to build pay increases into our annual budget.

An initiative that applies to a wide swath of our campus community is the need to draw from all funds available to our units and offices. These funds include course fees that assist specific academic units as well as KU Endowment funds that support any number of administrative and academic units.

Our strategic initiatives through Jayhawks Rising have great potential, although the yield will only be fulfilled with time. Drawing from all sources of funds -- using them to support unit activities and needs -- will help ensure we stretch our dollars until our broader university activities deliver rewards.

We have also announced changes in our finance functions to help streamline our process and better align activities under the direction of KU's Chief Financial Officer, Jeff DeWitt. Financial Services and Procurement Services transitioned under the CFO. We continue to seek out opportunities for our university to streamline our operations to function more effectively.

We appreciate the sacrifices you've been asked to make and taken. Your questions and comments are always welcome. Send an email to, contact your Dean, Vice Provost, or Director, or use this anonymous, open-ended form.

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Five-year financial plan for Lawrence

MARCH 15, 2022 -- Chancellor Girod visits with CFO Jeff DeWitt to discuss the university's five-year financial plan for the Lawrence and Edwards campuses. Topics include an overview of expenses, revenues and strategies to ensure KU's budget is sustainable and strategic.

A chat with new CFO Jeff DeWitt

MARCH 24, 2021 -- Chancellor Girod visits with Jeff DeWitt, KU’s new chief financial officer, to discuss Jeff’s previous positions with Washington, D.C. and Phoenix, the reconfiguration of the university’s CFO position, fiscal challenges and opportunities due to COVID-19, and enrollment trends.