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Five-Year Reviews

Regular, comprehensive reviews of leaders help ensure they address the needs of those they work with and serve.

As part of our commitment to ensuring effective leadership and a collegial work environment, the University of Kansas is committed to regular comprehensive reviews of individuals holding leadership positions. Generally, these 360-style reviews take place on a five-year cycle tied to their appointment date in their leadership role.

Reviews of deans, vice provosts and other leaders and directors reporting to the Provost are coordinated through the Office of the Provost. They are designed to involve very broad participation from across campus and seek out reflections and input from those directly affected by the performance of the particular leader. Faculty Senate Rules and Regulations offer guidance on the appointment and make-up of each review committee and also outline steps for review of academic chairs. 

Once committee membership has been determined, the committee is expected to deliver its final report within 90 days of their first meeting. A committee meeting template may look like the following.

Meeting Schedule of Review Committee 

Meeting 1:  Provost & Full Committee 

  • Welcome and introduction of review coordinator
  • Charge from the provost
  • Ground rules
  • Discuss future meetings
  • Elect committee chair (from voting members)

Meeting 2:  Full Committee 

  • Discuss dean’s self-evaluation
  • Discuss survey results
  • Review sample committee report 
  • Begin discussing dean’s performance to determine contents of committee report

Individual Meetings with Two Members of the Committee

  • Faculty/staff/administrator survey includes space at the end where individuals may sign up for an individual 15-minute (maximum) slot to speak with a two-member subset of the committee via Zoom. Review coordinator will attend for notetaking.

Meeting 3:  Committee Chair & Review Coordinator 

  • Committee chair and review coordinator discuss the format and contents of the committee report; the chair creates a first draft for review and input by the committee.

Meeting 4: Full Committee 

  • Committee revises the report to reach consensus on its contents; chair and review coordinator then make the necessary revisions and complete the report.

Meeting 5:  Committee Chair, Provost, & Review Coordinator 

  • Committee chair presents the final draft of the report to the provost; provost has opportunity to elicit contextual information.

Meeting 6: Provost, Committee Chair, Vice Provost, & Review Coordinator 

  • Provost and committee chair meet with the dean to review and discuss report findings. Provost may propose a professional development plan to address leadership areas that need improvement.

Meeting 7:  Provost, Full Committee & Review Coordinator

  • Provost, chair, and full committee review the discussion with the dean and the provost’s intention on reappointment.

Meeting 8:  Provost & Chancellor 

  • Provost meets with chancellor to discuss the review and make a final decision on reappointment.

Meeting 9:  Full Committee, Provost, Dean & Vice the School

  • Provost meets with the school to discuss the process and findings of the review and next steps.

This review checklist template helps ensure both pre-review and post-review work happens in a timely manner.