Annual Reminder: Notice of Non-reappointment

Mike Rounds, Vice Provost of Human Resources, Public Safety & Operations
Tuesday, January 24, 2023, 1:20 p.m.
Deans, Directors and Department Chairs


As we begin the new calendar year and you assess your strategic objectives and plan for future staffing needs and budgetary priorities, it is important to remember our policies and obligations to our employees.

KU has several employee classifications requiring different protocols for layoffs, terminations, and notices of non-reappointment. If you are considering staffing changes in your area due to restructuring, a workforce needs analysis, or for other reasons, it is important to contact Employee Relations at, by February 24, to arrange a workforce planning consultation to discuss available options and address applicable deadlines and parameters within the university’s policies.

As a reminder, individual positions that are being considered for non-reappointment in the best interest of the university beginning July 1, 2023, require advance notice (no later than March 30 for employees with three or more full fiscal years of service, or May 17 for shorter terms). Notices of non-reappointment are not to be used to address new or undocumented employee performance issues.

In addition to this process, it is important to note that the university will begin the annual budget collection process (BCP). The University Budget Office will engage with unit budget officers regarding instructions, deadlines, etc. 

To remain agile in a challenging recruitment and retention environment, KU will not institute a hiring freeze or restrict approved salary increases throughout BCP phases I & II.  However, unit budget officers are responsible for ensuring that their assigned BCP budget file reflects all new hire information.  Additionally, all salary increases and title adjustments outside of the University Promotion and Tenure process must be reviewed and approved by HRM.

As you work through your staffing needs, we hope that having advance knowledge of upcoming deadlines is helpful. We encourage you to reach out to as soon as possible with any questions or to schedule an appointment.


Mike Rounds

Vice Provost of Human Resources, Public Safety & Operations