Help Provide a Safer and Empowering KU Community

Barbara A. Bichelmeyer, Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor
Tuesday, February 1, 2022, 11:14 a.m.
KU Lawrence staff, faculty and select affiliates

Dear Colleague,

As an institution, we are committed to a campus community free from sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, sexual violence and discrimination. We all must work to provide a safer and empowering environment for students, faculty and staff to learn and work. Education and increased awareness are important to our efforts.

The Building Supportive Communities: Harassment Prevention 2022 module is now available in KU’s MyTalent system. All University of Kansas faculty and staff must complete the learning module before April 15. Additional details on accessing the learning module are at the end of this message.

This professional development is a partnership between the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX and Human Resource Management. If you feel you cannot complete the learning module due to a past trauma or other reasons, please contact the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX at or 785-864-6414.

KU deans, vice provosts and vice chancellors have reinforced their support for this professional development, and our hope is that you also will see the value this learning provides in creating and reinforcing shared knowledge and expectations.

All KU employees—with few exceptions—are mandatory reporters, which means they are required to report incidents of discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence involving students or colleagues. Therefore, we have a legal and ethical obligation to know how to recognize, intervene and report incidents, as well as how to best support survivors. The Building Supportive Communities: Harassment Prevention 2022 will help you understand your responsibilities as a mandatory reporter, and what steps you can and should take if you become aware of an incident of discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual violence.

Human Resource Management will follow up with those who have not completed this professional development, and will continue to do so until we reach 100 percent completion. Please help us limit the time and effort of repeated prompts toward full participation by completing the learning module in MyTalent before the deadline. Any employee who does not complete the training will receive a letter of concern stating they fail to meet university standards and have failed to demonstrate a commitment to our core institutional value regarding the prevention and proactive management of sexual (and other forms of) harassment.

Thank you in advance for your efforts to build and maintain a safer, healthier and more supportive campus environment. And, thanks for all you do to support our students, your colleagues, and Jayhawks everywhere.



Barbara A. Bichelmeyer
Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor

Completing the Professional Development
Please complete the required Building Supportive Communities: Harassment Prevention 2022 learning module in KU’s MyTalent system at your earliest opportunity.
•    The module takes approximately 40-45 minutes to complete.
•    It will appear in your “To Do” tile after you log into the MyTalent system and will remain until you complete the module.
•    You must go through the entire module. Simply logging in or partially completing the module will not register as “complete.”
•    If you feel you cannot complete this learning module due to a past trauma or other reason, please contact the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX at 785-864-6414 or
•    If you experience technical issues, please contact Human Resource Management at
•    The deadline for all employees to complete this professional development is April 15.