Faculty Survey on KU’s Internationalization Activities and Support

Barbara A. Bichelmeyer, Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor, Assoc. Vice Provost Charlie Bankart, Associate Department Chair J. Megan Greene, Vice Provost Susan Klusmeier, Vice Provost Jen Roberts
Thursday, June 10, 2021, 1:46 p.m.
KU Lawrence Faculty


This academic year KU was selected to participate with nine other universities across the nation and world in the American Council on Education’s innovative Internationalization Laboratory. The lab is an initiative designed to help us learn from peer institutions and engage our faculty, students and staff in focused conversations toward the development of a coordinated framework that aligns our international interests and capacities and fully integrates internationalization into the work of fulfilling KU’s mission. The resulting plan of action will fundamentally shape KU’s international profile and reach for decades to come.

As part of the self-study phase of the lab, we are conducting a survey and review of how the university supports faculty members and their international activity on campus. The faculty questionnaire, which pulls in questions from the five KU subcommittees conducting the self-study, will help us understand your work in the international education space, the forms of support you have received in your work, and some of the challenges you have faced. We are seeking responses from all KU faculty, those who routinely work in the international realm, as well as those who have not yet done so. We are also interested in knowing your ideas for how KU can improve its support for faculty engagement in international work.

This effort represents a scholarly and economic priority for KU. Success and growth as an international research university is an important opportunity for us as an AAU institution. This project allows us to reset, reflect and focus on our commitment as an international university.

While summer is upon us, and we know your priorities and responsibilities have largely shifted away from those that engage you during the academic year, the work of the Internationalization Lab is ongoing, and we would benefit enormously from your input. Please know that your feedback is both deeply valued and critical to our success.

Complete the Internationalization Faculty Survey

The deadline for survey submissions is Friday, June 25. It will take about 20 minutes. Responses to the survey are anonymous and no names will be included in any reporting.

Please send your questions about the survey or the Internationalization Lab effort to Associate Vice Provost of International Affairs Charlie Bankart at cbankart@ku.edu.

On behalf of the 57 KU faculty members, staff members and students leading the Lab effort, thank you for considering this request and for helping us understand the faculty experience when it comes to international work at KU and the level of institutional support you have received.


Barb, Charlie, Megan, Susan, and Jen

Barbara A. Bichelmeyer,

Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor

Charles A. S. Bankart,

Associate Vice Provost for International Affairs

Co-Chair Internationalization Lab Steering Committee

J. Megan Greene,

Associate Chair and Associate Professor of History,

Co-Chair Internationalization Lab Steering Committee

Susan Klusmeier,

Vice Provost for Academic Success

Co-Chair Internationalization Lab Steering Committee

Jen Roberts,

Vice Provost for Graduate Studies

Co-Chair Internationalization Lab Steering Committee