Reminder of Study Week Activities and Semester-End Exam Guidelines

Chris Brown Vice Provost for Faculty Development
Friday, Nov. 20, 2020, 3 p.m.
KU Lawrence Faculty,KU Lawrence Unclassified Professional Staff,KU Graduate Teaching Assistants

Sent on behalf of Vice Provost for Faculty Development Chris Brown and Vice Provost for Academic Success Susan Klusmeier.



We are reaching out to reinforce information sent on July 28 by the University Governance Office about the study week implemented this year as part of the pandemic-related academic calendar change.

Study week is scheduled for Nov. 30 – Dec. 4.

The purpose of study week is to provide:

  • A week-long period free of classes and assessments for semester-long courses.
  • Time for students to review material and prepare for final exams, or to work on papers or projects due during finals week.
  • Additional time for GTAs to provide feedback to students in the courses they teach, while also preparing for their own exams as students.

Academic activities for semester-long courses:

  • Instructors cannot hold class with required attendance during study week.
  • Instructors cannot present any new material during study week.
  • Instructors cannot have required assignments/projects/exams due during study week; however, optional extra credit assessments may be due during study week.
  • Instructors may hold optional virtual review sessions, and/or students may choose to meet virtually during class time to work on assignments or study for exams.
  • Students can check in with instructors through optional individual virtual appointments or virtual office hours.

Exceptions to study week have been granted for the following:

  • Courses that begin during the second half of the semester (i.e., the second 8-week session/Term B).
  • Practicum/field study/internship/clinical placement courses for which the placement site requires students to be available during study week.
  • Courses and programs in the School of Law.
  • Courses in the School of Engineering may have projects due during study week only if such courses also have a final exam held during finals week.
  • Studio courses in Architecture & Design.
  • Inter-professional Education events in the School of Pharmacy.
  • Select graduate programs in the School of Business: MS in Organizational Leadership (Leavenworth location) and MS in Supply Chain Management & Logistics (Leavenworth location).

Reminder about final exams and regular exams

KU policy requires that the last major exam of a class, whether covering material for the entire semester or only a section of the course material, may not be held during the last week of classes or on Stop Day and, for fall 2020, may not be held during study week. The exam's appointed time during the final exam period for fall 2020 is listed on the Office of the Registrar website. Final exams times should not deviate from their listed times. This policy applies to classes on both the Lawrence and Edwards campuses. Rules regarding special exams and conflicting exam times are on the Registrar website.

If you have any questions about study week or exams, please contact the Governance Office at by phone at 785-864-5169 or 785-864-5475.


Chris and Susan


J. Christopher Brown

Vice Provost for Faculty Development


Susan Klusmeier

Vice Provost for Academic Success