Our Shared Campus: Update to the Space Management Policy

Barbara A. Bichelmeyer Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor
tuesday, May 26, 2020, 9:37 a.m.
Deans Directors and Department Chairs


Given the crisis we face and the fact most of us are working remotely, this may seem an unlikely time to discuss space management. However, KU has just concluded a six-month effort to update our Space Management policy. The final policy outlines a process for departments in need of space to grow and includes a process for unused space to revert back and be reallocated as needs arise. We encourage you to review the policy, and we are pleased it will be available as more Jayhawks return to campus.

Karen Lavendusky, our Director of Space Management, is eager to help you and your colleagues across the university find the best possible arrangement for the academic, research and work spaces you need. Karen is ready to assist you in fulfilling your mission.

The Space Management Process

The Space Management Office and the Research Space Management Committee have developed a transparent process for space requests and allocation that aligns with the new space management policy. To request additional space, a department representative, with Dean, Vice Provost or Vice Chancellor approval, must submit the request through Maximo. Karen will partner with the requesting department to understand how individuals and teams work and how they use the space they have. She will then assess current space usage and determine if usage is aligned with need. After this assessment process, Karen will forward her recommendation to the Office of the Provost for review.

When research space is under consideration, Karen will present the assessment to the University Research Space Management Committee and work with that group to determine the best solution.

Our Shared Campus

Space is among our most precious assets at the university. It is a critical component of our in-person instruction as well as many of our research endeavors. As we work to ensure that units have the space they need to succeed, we ask your help as campus leaders in ensuring space information is accurate by keeping the database for physical spaces on campus up to date. Whenever your department rearranges or redistributes space within your footprint, please inform the Space Management Office so it can update the database. As our needs change due to retirement, career changes, or realignment, space that becomes vacant will revert to available space for the university to reallocate to departments, research centers and units as needed.

As we work to strengthen the university, we want to thank you for giving this policy the attention it deserves. All members of the KU community want a chance to contribute and succeed. Your effort to help ensure space information is kept current and used efficiently is an important element in the success of your teams as well as the success of others on campus. We encourage you to work closely with the Space Management Office to ensure that our campus spaces best support our academic, research and service missions.

Please share this information with your teams as you deem appropriate.


Barb and Chris

Barbara A. Bichelmeyer
Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor

Chris Brown
Chair of the University Research Space Management Committee
Vice Provost of Faculty Development
Geography and Atmospheric Science
Environmental Studies Program