Funding Process Support Units

The priorities of the Support Units are inherently tied to the PCM Model developed at KU. Support units have historically tracked their performance and activities and demonstrated when programming achieved desired outcomes. The nature of their structures and staffing allow these units to more easily ramp up needed programs and decommission programs that are not effectively reaching goals or that have run their course. These considerations guide how the budget model will be applied to the support units.

These units will utilize a streamlined formula that begins with historical allocations.

100% historical base, +/- 2% goal-performance based

Implementation of the budget model with the support units will fully go into effect with the FY2022 budget. Support units will begin the process of identifying which priority metrics are appropriate for their mission and begin collecting bench-marking data during FY 2020. By FY 2021 all units should have a complete year of data that can help inform model allocations for the FY2022 budget that begins July 2021.