Budget Model Sample Score Sheet


1 = "Does not meet Expectations" to 10 = "Exceeds Expectations"

Metrics Score 1-10 % Value
Research Grants/Contracts Centrally Calculate 10.0%
Grant Effort/Success Centrally Calculate 2.0%
Research Products   8.0%
Research Impact  
Student Success
Metrics Score 1-10 % Value
Graduation Rates Centrally Calculate 2.5%
Time to Degree Centrally Calculate 2.5%
Teaching and Mentoring Quality   5.0%
Experience at KU  
Subjective Placement Post-KU  
Other Strategic Priorites
Metrics Score 1-10 % Value
Faculty & Staff Development   5.0%
Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Environment  
Collaboration and Outreach  
Responsible Use of Resources