Enabler Goals

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee is taking the lead on developing action plans for the following three enabler goals:

  • Developing people,
  • Developing infrastructure,
  • Developing resources.

These enabler goals are important to realize the success of the Strategic Initiatives and the goals of the four work groups.

Enabler Goals Chart


What are Enabler Goals?

The primary elements of the vision of KU’s future is being drafted by the work groups and the process of identifications of Strategic Initiatives. While the visionary work is being done it is the responsibility of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee to examine any barriers to success of achieving our vision. The Enabling Goals have been raised and discussed in the Steering Committee meetings, and three areas of emphasis have been identified as potential impediments to success:

  1. Developing People,
  2. Developing Infrastructure, and
  3. Developing Resources.

They are issues that, if addressed properly, will make KU administratively and foundationally stronger and enable success.

Can you give an example of what is included under Enabler Goal #1: Developing People?

These reflect three possible strategic actions directed toward supporting and developing the KU workforce including faculty, staff, graduate students who are employees, and post-doctoral researchers. Each area contains a list of examples that were raised at the December Strategic Planning Steering Committee meeting.

We invite your comments and suggested modifications, which you can enter on the discussion board. We will formulate a draft based on the discussion board feedback.

  1. Examine existing obstacles and develop institutional proposals to recruit and retain excellent and diverse personnel at KU (Issues of student recruitment and retention will be addressed by the EEE workgroup).

    Examples are:

    • Improve an already good working climate and high engagement by improving evaluative processes, opportunities for social gatherings (i.e. a faculty club), and expanding involvement of faculty and staff in unit leadership and governance.
    • Develop a uniform system of policies and procedures to recruit and retain excellent faculty and staff that include items such as targeting candidates that will be most successful, competitive start-up packages, spousal hires, childcare, domestic partner benefits, and housing assistance.
  2. Enhance development opportunities available to faculty, staff, and graduate students that support each employee’s success, advancement, and productivity.

    Examples are:

    • Examine productivity reviews including post-tenure review and use of a faculty activity reporting system
    • Develop mentoring, training, and coaching activities at KU
    • Share resources for development that already exist across campus
    • Examine the feasibility of offering staff sabbaticals
  3. Identify opportunities and resources for expanded recognition and rewards for faculty, staff, and student employees.

    Examples are:

    • Improve external communication of faculty and staff accomplishments
    • Identify resources for scholarships and awards
    • Involve faculty and staff in decision-making and leadership
  4. General Feedback on supporting and developing the KU workforce

Can you give an example of what is included under Enabler Goal #2: Developing Infrastructure?

This list suggests some possible priority strategic actions directed toward improving KU’s infrastructure. This list was developed at the January Strategic Planning Steering Committee.

Infrastructure involves physical things like buildings, the physical plant, renovation and maintenance, specialized equipment, and laboratories, but it also involves the very important aspects of organization, administration, and support services.

We invite your comments and suggested modifications, which you can enter on the discussion board. We will formulate a draft based on the discussion board feedback.

  1. Do an external efficiency study for all infrastructure and implement best practices
  2. Promote electronic work flow and storage
  3. Mandate “One KU” (One University)
  4. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of hiring procedures
  5. Identify and work with the legislature to remove regulatory inefficiencies and barriers
  6. Develop incentives for departments and units for increased efficiency
  7. Improve staff productivity, accountability, recognition, development opportunities and retention
  8. Form a coordinated, but responsive, planning system for buildings, renovation, and equipment
  9. Do a renewed Campus Master Plan to replace the current space plan from 1997
  10. Pilot all new systems before full scale implementation
  11. Coordinate public affairs and communications across campus

Can you give an example of what is included under Enabler Goal #3: Developing Resources?

This topic will be examined at the February meeting of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee. The question is how to most effectively find resources to fund the strategic plan. Ideas and examples will be posted in late February.

How will the KU community be involved in this conversation?

There is a strategic planning discussion board found on the strategic planning website. If you have a KU ID and log-in, you can participate in the discussion on the enabler goals and other items. You are encouraged to add your ideas and comments. Comments and ideas will be added to the list of possible strategies for addressing these enabler goals.

In March 2011 all KU faculty, staff, and students will be invited to participate in a survey that will prioritize the actions that have been put forward for consideration. To make this survey successful we need lots of ideas and comments put forward on the discussion board since those are the items that will be used to design the March survey.


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