Administrative Services Review and Service Experience Councils

Administrative Service Review and Service Experience Councils

As part of KU’s effort to be more efficient as well as responsive to the needs of those it serves, Provost Bichelmeyer has organized an Administrative Services Review process that includes the formation of Service Experience Councils to offer review and input for key sectors of the university administrative structure.

Service Experience Councils advise administrative departments on the creation of Service Level Agreement (SLA) for these key units. SEC members also attend the biannual or annual review of the SLA to review key performance measures to ensure and improve service experience.

Administrative units are advised to use their Service Experience Councils to provide advice on large impact initiatives that will change or alter the department’s provided service. If applicable, Service Experience Councils can be leveraged to prioritize initiatives that improve customer service experience.

How Members were Selected

  • Nomination from customer departments leads

    • Nominated 2-3 people and then organizing department picked from those 2-3
  • Questions considered when selecting members:
    • Who are your forward-thinkers and who pushes innovation?
    • Who are you not meeting the needs of today?
    • Who are your productive dissenters?
    • Who is a strong communicator?
    • Who is open-minded?

Council Member Terms

  • Each council member will serve for a two- or three-year term
  • Council members may serve consecutive two-year terms, but must be nominated again after each one, and may not serve more than 10 years
  • Half of the initial council members will be selected for a three-year term to provide continuity through the annual turnover

Chair of the Council – Internal stakeholder (preferably director or above)


  • Lead the service experience council meetings
  • Setting meeting dates and sending meeting invitations
  • Approve alternates who can stand in for regular members as needed
  • Send out nomination emails to those selected council members

Council Member


  • Advocate for service levels
  • Review Service Level Agreement compliance
  • Review customer satisfaction surveys
  • Engage in strategic dialogue and participate in robust discussions that will help shape the departments in the future and assist in responding to changing needs
  • Facilitate cooperation and communication between the department and units served
  • Support an environment of and offer recommendations for continuous process improvement
  • Support resolution of customer service gaps
  • Review proposed changes to the SLA and provide the Department Lead Director written recommendations for each one

Areas for Review

  • Data (Analytics, Institutional Research & Effectiveness)
  • Research
  • Information Technology
  • Operations
  • Shared Service Center
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management*
  • Communications (Public Affairs and Marketing Communications)**

*HRM will utilize a rotating SEC membership where key leaders will be included on a project by project basis

**Communications will create an SLA and SEC after launching a resource review and centralization initiative.