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Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Search


Personal and professional information for the selected candidates, including bio, resume/vita will be posted here as the candidates are announced. Each candidate is announced approximately 1-2 business days prior to their scheduled public presentation.

Candidate Presentations

Amy Mendenhall: June 1
Ric Steele: June 5
Ani Kokobobo: June 8 |  10:00 – 11:30am | Burge Union Forum A

KU Jayhawk

Amy Mendenhall

Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development

School of Social Welfare

June 1

Amy Mendenhall Presentation

Ric Steele

Ric Steele

Interim Chair, Department of Economics
Professor, Department of Applied Behavioral Science

June 5

Ric Steele Presentation

Ric Steele

Ani Kokobobo

Chair, Department of Slavic, German, Eurasian Studies
Professor, Department of Slavic, German, Eurasian Studies

June 8 | 10 a.m. | Burge Union Forum A
Live Stream | Passcode: 411021