Ani Kokobobo

Ani Kokobobo

Department of Slavic, German, Eurasian Studies
Department of Slavic, German, Eurasian Studies


Ani Kokobobo is chair of the Department of Slavic, German, Eurasian Studies and a professor in the department. She served as interim director of the Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies in 2020 and has recently completed a term as president of University Senate.

Kokobobo arrived at KU in 2011 and in the years since has contributed to the campus community through a variety of department, college and university level leadership roles. She was selected to participate in the Center for Teaching Excellence Diversity Fellows Program in 2018-2019. Kokobobo has helped KU secure significant external funding from the U.S. Russia Foundation as well as Title VI NRC funding. Her research interests include 19th Century Russian literature and Balkan modernism. She is a prolific author having contributed to numerous publications including books, special issue journals and scholarly articles, and has produced a large number of publications and events for public consumption and enlightenment.


Ph.D. in Russian Literature
Columbia University

Bachelor of Arts, Russian Literature and Classical Studies
Dartmouth College